Monday, May 20, 2013

Transformer Collecting to the Maximus

It's been over 25 years since Fortress Maximus was originally released by Hasbro in the US. He was a 2-foot tall monster of a figure, towering over anything else that had been released to that point (or since). I remember getting his opposite number, Scorpinok, for Christmas that year, which was an amazing toy as well. But the closest I was ever able to get to Fort Max was in photos in magazines, and later online. I never managed to see one of these in person. Until last week!

Getting Fortress Maximus was usually a very expensive ordeal, especially if you wanted a complete figure with all the original parts. The standard price on eBay for years, for an opened but complete figure was between $800-$900. So I had given up on ever having him in my own collection, particularly since I don't play the lottery. But amazingly Takara-TOMY, the Japanese side of the Transformer brand, decided to re-release the figure again, at a much more affordable price! So, after a long wait for it to be produced, then shipped overseas, then delivered to me, I now present the towering Headmaster - Fortress Maximus:

He really is as big as the pictures make him out to be, and never would have fit on my shelves in my collection room in the old house! It's almost comical how large the figure is, especially when transforming him. The legs fold together to make part of the back of the "city" mode of the figure, and I found myself wedging one section under my arm and another under my chin just to get the leverage I needed to ratchet the leg up at the hip joint. Changing modes on this guy was a whole new experience! 

I was slightly anxious to get this guy in my hands. I mean, the technology that went into it is over 25 years old, so it isn't exactly the most pose-able figure ever. But once he was out of the box and sitting on my desk, I didn't care how long ago he was designed. He's still an awesome feat of plastic engineering! 

So now I have to make plans for the collection room in the new house to actually fit this guy in somewhere... plus, he's been the largest Transformer toy for 25 years, BUT there's a new version of Metroplex coming out in a few months that's just a tiny big taller still! So I guess I'll need to plan two spots for the giants to loom over everyone else. 


  1. That guy looks completly awesome! :D

  2. Honestly, I am so glad that Takara Tomy (TOMY) has reissued this piece as part of the 25th Anniversary for The Headmasters (1987-1988). As we speak, before I started the "Mark II" stage of my collection, I wanted to add at least one Headmasters piece in my collection. It did not matter if it was Fortress, Grand, Brave, Scorponok, or any of the others that interested me. And then - BOOM! It was as if Primus blessed us with this reissue!

    But yeah... Glad to see another fan enjoy this 22" behemoth! Because my hope is to see others do it while I have mine graded and displayed for future generations to admire. :)

  3. Um, also, if you have any of "Soundwave" Transformers, and even his cassettes, could you put those in your next post? :/

  4. I do have about a dozen Soundwave figures from various series, but they're all in a box while we're moving right now. I'll try to remember to post a Soundwave-centric post when we get into the new house and I start setting the collection up again. :)