Monday, August 16, 2010

Further along, but still quite a bit left

So I managed to get my Alternators on the shelf and moved ahead to the rest of my figures over the weekend. It's going faster than it was last month, but it's still slower going than I had assumed when I started the project. It looks like I transformed about half of my figures into vehicle mode, or at least partially into vehicle mode, when I packed them up several years ago. That means that it's taking me longer to transform them back into robot mode again before I can place them on display. I had to change every single one of the Alternators back to robot mode, so that, in itself, took most of an afternoon.

I'm also finding it a bit difficult to find the "taller" figures that I want to put on the shelves first, so that I can put shorter figures in front of them without completely blocking the one in the back. I have more and more of the "basic" size figures sitting on my desk, ready for placement, but not enough larger figures to place them in front of yet. I think the next tub of figures has a greater number of the big guys though, so hopefully that will sort itself out in the coming week.

So I finally got far enough ahead to be curious about the numbers... I've been cross-checking my figure names in my database as I put them onto the shelves, so I can get an accurate count of what I have. As of today, I have 341 figures on display. Not bad, just slightly over a third of my total collection in place now... but that means I still have two thirds of them sitting in the remaining tubs. At this rate I won't be done until November! Although, as it gets colder outside, I'll be spending more time on the project inside. I think I can probably get through the rest sometime in September, at the latest.


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