Thursday, July 8, 2010

Putting names to face(plate)s

One of the big hurdles I'm going to have to get over in my upcoming work is trying to remember the names of all these characters as I pull them out of storage. I'll be honest, there really isn't much hope that I'll recall even a tenth of them by sight. If they weren't featured in one of the TV shows, there isn't much chance at all. This is especially important since I need to work my way through my existing database by figure name to make sure they're all included!

Luckily, I see that TransFormerLand is still up and active. I have a feeling I can probably even provide some missing photos of some figures for them as I go... it would be nice to be able to pay back a bit of the time I've spent at their site in the past, trying to remember a figure's name on nothing but a vague memory of a color and alternate mode. I had almost forgotten about them, if it hadn't been mentioned in an eBay auction I was browsing through. Definitely going to be a great help!

I'm still looking for shorter brackets for the shelving right now. Odds keep getting lower that I'll find ones without the notch on the end in place. I may just have to break out the dremel or find a good pair of metal shears and just resign myself to some extra manual labor. I really want to get the shelving up by the end of this weekend. My TFCC Punch/Counterpunch arrived in the mail today, so my stack of figures keeps growing in the corner...

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