Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, I'm home sick today. A cold has been making the rounds at the office, and it finally reached me. I guess that gives me an extra day to sort through plastic! So that some of you can see what I'm up against, here's a quick shot of my collection just before I started taking figures out of storage:

So those are all the "loose" figures I've been carrying between apartments over the years. There's also the more recent set of figures that I've kept in their boxes, because we were getting ready to move:

I gave some thought to how I wanted to order my collection on the shelves the past day or two. I keep coming back to simple problems. Such as, do I go by series, starting with the Generation One at one corner, then wrap around through G2, Machine Wars, Beast Wars, etc? Or do I order them more by character groups? I know that I'll have a shelf of Primes/Primals and another of Megatrons, but I also have a large enough group of Starscreams, Bumblebees, Grimlocks and others to put them all together by their character types. But that would mean breaking up other smaller groups, like Alternators... In the end, I think I'm going to just start by putting the Primes and Megatrons on one shelf, then put figures up as I pull them out of their tubs. As I get more on the shelves I should start to see where I want the patterns to go, and can rearrange from there. Trying to pre-arrange before I even have anything out of storage just isn't working for me.

My first piece of display is going to be the Worlds Smallest Transformers collection though. I keep those grouped together inside acrylic display boxes, so that they don't get as dusty. It's such a shame that Takara/Tomy stopped making them! Although, I've been keeping up with some of the non-traditional WST releases, like the Dinobots.

It's just unfortunate that they aren't really sanctioned by the parent company of the brand. Well, back to my list and my arrangements. Oh, and Daleks Rule!

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