Saturday, July 10, 2010

The shelving is up!

It started out a bit slower than I had expected, but I managed to get all the shelves cut and hooked together on the wall today! The forecast has rain for the rest of the weekend, so I figured today was my last day to get the major cuts done on the power saw outside of the garage. It just makes too much of a mess to cut inside the garage at the moment, with some of our boxes still stored there from the move.

I ended up getting ten inch brackets and just drilling the holes in the bottom of the shelves for the notches at the very ends. It was faster than cutting them all with the tools I have available. I don't see any way that the shelves can ever be rearranged, so the holes will be fine where they are. Here's a small view of the two walls now. The first photo is of the left wall, with a Mighty Muggs Bumblebee for size comparison. The second photo is the right wall, with the PCC Skyburst with his drones attached.

So now I get to print out my list of figures and start putting them onto the shelves... I just have to figure out where to start.


  1. Nice work, looks like you have room for future expansion which is always good. I'd start with the series (or figures) I liked the best and put those on the eye-level shelves. Then work outward from there.

  2. I like your wall color, and Eric's suggestion of where to start makes sense.